Falconry Demonstration & Tour


Is your property on the water? Then there’s a shoreline to explore! The Chesapeake Bay has 11,684 miles of shoreline, including tidal wetlands and islands. That’s more shoreline than the entire West Coast of the United States! The shoreline is where we’ll find the most interesting animals only found on the Eastern Shore.


Have you ever seen a hawk up close and personal?

These beautiful birds are brilliant and have been trained for thousands of years to work with hunters in the field. Now you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the Eastern Shore’s top predators - A Red-Tail Hawk. 


As a falconer for over 20 years, Eric Werner is only one of 3400 licensed falconer's in the United States! Now's your chance to have a meet and greet with his newest partner. 


For this intimate experience, up to ten people can attend at one time. All participants will have a chance to learn all about the raptors role in our environment, interact with the bird and watch it fly while Eric answers all your questions about this incredible connection between hawk and hunter!

Watch a Wild Hawk Work

During the demonstration, you will witness how magnificent the hawk is when in flight. You can get your photo taken with the bird and pet it too! Ask all the questions you want. Eric is a wealth of knowledge after training these birds for over 20 years. Each demonstration is about an hour long giving everyone ample time to admire the bird in all its glory and hear all the details of this mystical 4000-year-old sport, right in your own backyard.


Check out this great article by The Talbot Spy, Hawkman of Tilghman. It showcases a local's perspective of what it's like to watch Eric fly with his bird.


All ages are welcome. Book now and plan your personalized Eastern Shore Experience with a wild  Red-Tail Hawk.


Have Questions? Call Eric Now!  410-627-4371.