Peacock Anyone?

We have three grandchildren now. All of them through my son’s side of the family. Cloey is 13 and is following in my footsteps. Dirt and animals are good. Dressing up is not and should be kept to a minimum. Brantley is 8 and is still trying to figure out what tastes good, what is […]

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Meet Eric Werner, Nature Guide and Expert
Hawk and Falconry Demonstrations - Eric Werner - Easter Shore Experience

Growing up on Maryland’s Eastern Shore until he was 8 years old, taught Eric Werner that the outdoors were magical! He caught crabs and minnows on the shoreline, watched all the birds and mammals raise their young, and made every turtle and snake he could catch his pet. His parents weren’t always amused. In 1968 […]

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Hunting On The Eastern Shore of Maryland
Sago The Red Tail Hawk - Eastern Shore Experience

Hunting in Maryland, historically, is a tradition that goes back to 1634 when the first settlers landed on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Procuring waterfowl, turkey and deer made the difference between living and dying in colonial Maryland. Here on the Eastern Shore of the state, we continue this tradition nearly 400 years later. […]

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They Call Me The Hawkman

When Tilghman Islander Eric Werner talks to Kimber, the young red tailed hawk he’s training, he swoons. And although the relationship between them looks personal, it’s not. “This isn’t like a bond with a dog or a cat” he said, “this is a professional relationship.” He steps away from her perch inside of his large […]

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