What Makes The Eastern Shore So Magical?

There’s nowhere else in the world quite like Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Surrounded by the infamous Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States, this unique environment is home to some of the most beautiful natural places in the world. The intricate coastlines of the Eastern Shore are infused with incredible wildlife and magical happenings that are only experienced when you know where to go, and how to inhabit this area like a local.

Experience the magic of Maryland’s Eastern Shore with local expert and wildlife rescuer, Eric Werner. His 40+ years of experience living and breathing the shore life gives you the opportunity to experience so many different things! He comes to you and brings all the goodies you need to make your Eastern Shore Experience unforgettable.

  • Let Eric take you on an adventure and learn all the local wildlife and plant life in your backyard.
  • Learn how to fish and crab from your dock like a local or just rent supplies to do it on your own.
  • Experience the epic world of Falconry with a Falcon Flying & Hunting Demonstration
  • Eat like a local when you let Eric plan and host the perfect crab feast or fish fry for your whole family.

Create a memorable and magical Eastern Shore Experience for everyone to enjoy and truly fall in love with the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The Mission of Eastern Shore Experience

The intention, in creating Eastern Shore Experience, is to provide a high-end, living life classroom for children, as well as adults, of the unique area, the Eastern Shore of Maryland. These enjoyable and educational experiences are undeniably one-of-a-kind and are only available because of Eric Werner’s long life experiences and know-how of local wildlife, customs, industries, foods and so much more.

Eric Werner of Easter Shore Experience-2

Meet Eric Werner

Eric’s lifelong adventures with the local wildlife and the environment is a never-ending educational journey. Furniture Restorer, hunting and fishing guide, federally licensed falconer and wildlife rescuer are a few of the endeavors that have earned him the title,


the Steve Irwin of the Eastern Shore“, an honor he gladly accepts.

His passion for teaching others all about these things is second to none. His joy for nature is infectious and his love for sharing it with everyone around is exactly why these Eastern Shore Experiences are now available to everyone!

Eric Werner - Easter Shore Experience-13Back on the Eastern Shore since 1992, he is always taking someone out on his adventures, whoever is around, whoever will follow the inspiring stories he never stops telling! Both children and adults are amazed at what he manages to discover, in most cases, right in their own backyard.
Married to his high school sweetheart Kelley for over 33 years, they have two beautiful children, Danielle and Stephen. Eric is proud of the adventurous lives his kids have created too. Danielle is a world traveler and professional photographer. Stephen, a Marine Staff Sargent, has been on four tours serving our country, and now has two beautiful children of his own. You can read more about his unique lifestyle and the history of his adventures here.
Eric gets such a kick out of sharing his adventures with his grandchildren now, just like he did 20 years ago when Danielle and Stephen were young.  He’ll never stop! He’s probably on an adventure right now.

Eric Werner - Easter Shore Experience-4

Lifelong Adventurer & Founder of Eastern Shore Experience

Ready to go on an adventure with Eric?

Give him a call, write him a message, he’ll be thrilled to take you on the next one!

(410) 627-4371


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