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What's the best-kept secret on Maryland’s Eastern Shore?

Over 3,600 species of plants and animals call the Chesapeake Bay home. It’s the largest estuary in the United States yet few know how incredible it truly is. The only real way to experience the magic of this place is to go on an adventure with a local.

The best-kept secret is the intricate waterways and incredibly diverse wildlife that call this place home. Having spent 40+ years of my life exploring this uniquely vast yet small part of this world, I could share hours of amazing stories with you! If you want to travel with your family and actually prefer a nice relaxing vacation, then you definitely have to take a look at these tours.

Or… We could go on an adventure together!

We’re not talking just any adventure, we’re talking about an adventure tour that is completely customized for you and your family! There are so many wonderful things to see, smell, hear, touch, and even taste, on the Eastern Shore, you will be amazed what we can find, even right nearby…

Backyard Adventures

On the shore, you’d be surprised what you can discover right in your own backyard. Known for its waterfront vacation homes and large estates, many local and rental properties on the Eastern Shore are surrounded by the beautiful nature and give us the perfect place to explore.

In a customized Backyard Adventure, Eric will come to you and bring everything you need for a backyard adventure.

Backyard Eastern Shore Experience

What will we discover?

From identifying seasonal and edible plants to learning all about the wildlife big and small, we’ll show you how to really explore your backyard like a local. No matter what time of year, birds are always soaring and creatures are always scurrying, so there is always magic to be found. No matter what time of year, a Backyard Adventure tour is a once-in-lifetime experience on the Eastern Shore.

Dockside Discoveries Backyard Adventures Eastern Shore Experience

Dockside Discoveries

If there’s a dock, there’s wildlife. We’ll bring the gear you need to see crabs, minnows and other fun creatures that live under and around the dock on your property. We may even find a seahorse! Learn all about our famous bay residents, blue crabs, and oysters. If you want, we can even catch, cook and teach you how to eat them!
Woodland Walks Backyard Adventure Tours - Eastern Shore Experience

Woodland Walks

Did you know almost half of the state of Maryland is covered in the forests? There is so much to explore on the edge of the woodlands, a place that rarely gets disturbed by humans and nature really comes alive. We will identify that plant life, bugs, lizards and maybe even find a snake , turtle or some other unique creatures!
Shoreline Excursions Backyard Adventure Tours - Eastern Shore Experience

Shoreline Excursions

Is your property on the water? Then there’s a shoreline to explore! The Chesapeake Bay has 11,684 miles of shoreline, including tidal wetlands and islands. That's more shoreline than the entire West Coast of the United States! The shoreline is where we’ll find the most interesting animals only found on the Eastern Shore.

Adventure Tour Details

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

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Ready to plan your Backyard Adventure?

Contact Eric and start planning today! A quick friendly phone call is all it takes to get started. Depending on the number of kids and adults, where your located and the layout of your property, Eric will give you the best recommendations to make sure everyone has the best Eastern Shore Experience ever!

Shoreline Fishing Tour

This is a unique 2-person adventure is only available in the summer months, so hurry before the seasons over! Perfect for those who really want to get their feet wet, you will discover a secret cove on the shore where we will wade in the water, learning of local lore and chasing (hopefully catching) the infamous Blue Crabs! The best part? Receive a professional fishing lesson and learn to cast like a pro!
Crab Picking Feast - Easter Shore Experience-1

Crab Picking Feast

Have an authentic crab feast featuring Maryland’s world-famous Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs! Whether you want to catch your own or have Eric pick them up, we will steam them up with the perfect Eastern Shore seasonings and prepare your crab feast for you! We provide all the utensils, corn on the cob, and sides, then clean it all up at the end. Plus get a great hands-on lesson on how to pick crabs like the locals.

Shoreline Fishing Tour

A Summertime Special Adventure Tour. This is a unique 2-person adventure is only available in the summer and this is perfect for those who really want to get their feet wet. Discover a secret cove, wade in the water, learn of local lore and also chase the infamous Blue Crabs! And Plus receive a professional fishing lesson and also learn to cast like a pro!