Sago, The Red Tail Hawk, Has Arrived
Sago The Red Tail Hawk - Eastern Shore Experience

This past Fall 2017, I had a great trapping season shared with several other falconers as well as a few great friends, some that I have known for 40 years. (Wow! The reality of that statement is just now sinking in.) When I say trapping season, I mean the time of excitement when we are on […]

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The Rat Snake Earring
Pet Rat Snake Earring - Eastern Shore Experience

If you read my previous writing about My son, Stephen and his desire to have a pet of his own, then you are in the right place for the rest of the story. The tarantula had been a nice idea… in theory. After that debacle, I had to come up with a new better “second” […]

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Another Young Hawk to Train
Falconry with Eric Werner of Eastern Shore Experience

It is getting close to that time of year again. That time when I haul out my equipment and head to the field to trap my new bird. That immature Red-Tailed hawk that  I will train and use as a falconry bird. Some folks disagree with this sport without knowing much about it. Some folks have […]

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Hippos… In The Bay?

Most people who live in and around the famed Chesapeake Bay are quite surprised to find out that we have a healthy population of  Atlantic Sea Horses (Hippocampus Erectus). Also known as the Lined Seahorse, they are hanging around all the docks and crab pots in the Bay proper and in the creeks and tributaries […]

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Falconry, It’s A Lifestyle
Hawk and Falconry Demonstrations - Eric Werner - Easter Shore Experience

When I was about 12,  I read this wonderful book, “A Sporting Chance” by Dan Manning. Best known for writing the children’s book, “The Fox and The Hound”, few know about this book that caught my attention at such a young and influential age. Little did I know it would change my life forever. This […]

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Meet Eric Werner
Eric Werner and black racer

Whether you’ve met the man in person or only read his stories here on, you know Eric Werner is a man of many words and great insights about the world, epecially the world of The Eastern Shore. But where did all that knowledge and experience come from? Learn about his childhood, meet his family, […]

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