Carol’s Backyard Bird Feeders
Backyard Bird Feeders Eastern Shore Experience

My friend Carol and I were having coffee the other morning, in her kitchen, discussing a few projects she wanted me to do for her. My wife and I rent a house from her and we barter a few dollars off the rent every month. Nothing big. Fix a doorknob here, paint some lawn furniture […]

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Meet Eric Werner
Eric Werner and black racer

Whether you’ve met the man in person or only read his stories here on, you know Eric Werner is a man of many words and great insights about the world, epecially the world of The Eastern Shore. But where did all that knowledge and experience come from? Learn about his childhood, meet his family, […]

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Noticing The Caterpillars
Caterpiller - Easternshore Experience-1

Welcome to the first of many blogs written by Me, Eric Werner, the host, and creator of Eastern Shore Experience. My goal is to get you to go outside and look around, to just notice “stuff”. Nature is full of “stuff” that no one ever notices. At 56 years old, I can say I have […]

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