Noticing The Caterpillars

Noticing The Caterpillars

Welcome to the first of many blogs written by Me, Eric Werner, the host, and creator of Eastern Shore Experience. My goal is to get you to go outside and look around, to just notice “stuff”.

Nature is full of “stuff” that no one ever notices.

At 56 years old, I can say I have been noticing “stuff” outside for a long time. It doesn’t necessarily put much money in your pocket but it will put a smile on your face. I’m living proof of that. Most who know me wonder what I am thinking about because I smile so much.

Let me tell you about one of the little things that make me smile.

Every June it starts on all the two-lane roads, in my neck of the woods. Caterpillars, mostly the ones we all call Woolly Bears, start marching across the highways and byways. They are on a mission, although I’m not sure what it is. Like a salmon, they are heading in one direction, and notice nothing outside of their own footsteps. Onward they march, by the thousands, heading for a destination only they know.

Then come the cars….the trucks,…hell, even the bicyclists! It’s not a very pretty sight. They (we?) are all on our little march if you will. We notice nothing outside of our own lane. We are focused, just like the caterpillars, on the sole purpose of getting to our destination. Only we seem to know what that is. Onward we march, not noticing the caterpillars in the road.

I can’t say that I believe in reincarnation, but I certainly wouldn’t dismiss it. What I can say is that I do believe if you notice a happening, and you refuse to acknowledge it, that probably is not going to give you many brownie points in this universal thing we call, Life. And if you do something that you consider morally wrong, that probably will stack several Karma points against you. And I hope that makes you feel bad. Bad enough to watch what you are doing next time you drive down a road.

I sometimes giggle when I think about what someone behind me must think. Swerving slightly here and banking slightly there. Trying to miss the little fellers. Must think I’ve had one too many at the Brewery. You see, I don’t just go around looking for little innocent lives to end.

Caterpillars may not mean much to most folks. But to me, they are butterflies just waiting to grace some future flower with a pollinating dance.

It’s something worth noticing.

Because without butterflies life would be boring. And that pollinating thing does tend to help put food on our table. Matter of fact without that pollinating step, we would all die. So as I drive down the road, I try not to run over those innocent little caterpillars, those butterflies in waiting.It is morally wrong, knowing that they are there, but not caring at all. Turning them into little piles of goo, just because we are in our own march, not caring about anything but our own agenda.

So no matter what you do each day, no matter how important it seems to you, remember to watch out for caterpillars. They are little gems we can’t live without.

And I promise,…it will make you smile.

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