“It only takes a few minutes with Eric to recognize that he has a passion for the nature and beauty of the wildlife of the Eastern Shore.

Eric is a great teacher who loves to share his passion with adults and children alike in a fun and relaxed manner.  It is tempting to think that a person can see and experience everything on the Eastern Shore without the benefit (or cost) of a nature expert.

But, several years ago I hired Eric and learned firsthand how much more you get out of visiting the Eastern Shore when you are in the hands of an expert.  He has made me and countless friends aware of various animals, fishes, plants, and birds that are just incredible that we would’ve just overlooked.

Eric is also knowledgeable about the biology of the wildlife, hunting and fishing regulations, unique weather patterns in the area, as well as the history of the Eastern Shore.  There might other nature guides but none is better than Eric!  I would highly recommend Eric to bring your Eastern Shore experience to the next level.”

~ Peter Korytnyk

“Thank you so much for delaying your dinner to help us with the injured baby squirrel.

I so appreciated your expertise and assistance with its “rescue.” You helped me be calm and directed me on how to try to help it. It was very hard even to find whom to call. So, again thanks.

Please thank your wife too as I know supper was late.”

~ Elaine Wilburt

Eric came over to our home and treated us to a fabulous demonstration of Falconry and bird info on the Eastern Shore.

We all had a great time listening, watching and learning as Eric showed us what a Falcon is all about. I highly recommend Eric to anyone who has even the faintest interest in the great outdoors on the Eastern Shore. Great job and presentation Eric. Thank you!

~ Alex Hervew

Ed and I had a wonderful day with you. Thank you for allowing me to take pictures of your hawk. He’s gorgeous! What you do is amazing!

~ Sherri Fox-Carson

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