They Call Me The Hawkman

They Call Me The Hawkman

When Tilghman Islander Eric Werner talks to Kimber, the young red tailed hawk he’s training, he swoons. And although the relationship between them looks personal, it’s not. “This isn’t like a bond with a dog or a cat” he said, “this is a professional relationship.”

He steps away from her perch inside of his large workshop, and cuts up some venison into tiny strips.

The bird stares at me, spins her head and blinks.

Majestic. Fierce looking.

I walk up to the perch. We’re face to face. That beak looks very sharp, but her eyes are steady. We stare at each other.

kimber close up2

It’s not often we get to be so close to wild animals like this. The DNR or conservation groups sometimes show up at the county fair with owls, hawks and such, but most of those creatures are old and maimed and used to being around people. This one is a youth – a perfect young specimen red tailed hawk. And with the exception of a couple trips into the Eastern Shore Brewing Company in the past month, this young bird is just now learning about people.

Now that he’s got her, Werner’s job now is to train her to hunt with him.

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